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Pacific Timesheet announces Pacific Crew – flexible app for offline crew time, expense, asset & log tracking

Posted by Corporate Communications on Jun 6, 2018 8:00:00 AM

LAS VEGAS – June 6, 2018 -- Pacific Timesheet, the enterprise time, expense, asset and log management tool used by leading construction and field services organizations, announced the release of its new IOS and Android app “Pacific Crew.” Pacific Crew allows customers, particularly with jobs in remote areas, to manage and track crew timesheets in a compact high-performance app that seamlessly runs offline or online. Customers can now track, submit and approve crew time, expense, asset and log entries from anywhere anytime.

“Pacific Crew will be a boon to any construction and field services organization that needs to manage and track crew employees, job time, expenses, assets and logs in remote locations or on the go. With virtually zero latency and unbelievably fast performance, we believe Pacific Crew will set the standard for crew management apps in the marketplace,” stated Ronald Kfoury, President and CEO of Pacific Timesheet. “Further, its flexibility and ease of use will make it the primary way foreman and field managers capture and approve this kind of data in the field."

Pacific Crew is part of Pacific Timesheet’s enterprise solutions for midmarket and large construction and field service companies – market leaders for more than eight years. Pacific Crew users can authenticate using Pacific Timesheet’s online security credentials, or Single Sign-On tools such as Azure Activity Directory, ADFS, Ping Federated, Okta, OneLogin and other SSO tools.

Pacific Crew provides extensive features: 

  1. Works online and offline in remote locations where users do not have a signal.
  2. Gives foremen, superintendents or project managers the ability to add/remove employees, track employee time, expense, assets, foreman logs, or incidents.
  3. Asset tracking including vehicles, equipment, materials.
  4. Production tracking by crew, employee and equipment.
  5. Log entries such as daily foreman logs, safety checks, incident logs, and daily work plans.
  6. Daily submission of crew timesheets and other tracking sheets.
  7. Approvals at multiple levels.
  8. Workflow that allows field data to continually move upstream.
  9. Supports any iPhone or iPad and any Android phone and tablet.

About Pacific Timesheet
Pacific Timesheet is a leading provider of cloud-based time management, expense reports, asset and log tracking applications for construction, field services, manufacturing, services and more than forty industries. Known for its flexibility, Pacific Timesheet supports any user device, as well as complex labor, accrual and validation rules to increase the speed of processing data for payroll, costing and billing. Built on platform, database, browser, and app-independent technologies, Pacific Timesheet can be implemented as a cloud service or on-premise. Pacific Timesheet's integrates with more than 300 payroll, accounting and ERP systems, as well as single-sign-on tools such as Azure Active Directory, allowing its customers to rapidly deploy and scale its applications.

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