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August 2018: New Help Center Solutions

Posted by Pacific Timesheet Support on Sep 4, 2018 7:00:00 AM

pacific-timesheet-help-center-featured-image-learning-center-posts-1New Help Center Articles Created or Updated in August 2018

Why is a user getting email reminders and late notices that he should not receive?

This article reviews difference use cases such users who legitimately should not be getting notices, but are wrongly setup to do so. The article also reviews use cases where users should receive notices and the arguments you can make to insist that they receive them. 

How to setup and name crews? 

This article reviews why paper-based organizations do not name crews. It also reviews why, when you are moving to software, naming crews has value. The article gives examples of crew naming conventions and their benefits.

What are the different ways to setup groups (crews)?

This article reviews how organization typically use groups, and how you can setup Pacific Timesheet to use three types of groups: permission groups, reporting groups and crews.

How do I see the details of timesheet submission and approvals?

This article reviews how to setup the Timesheet and Approvals tabs to show more data at a summary page level. It describes how to use the Export List report to view how timesheet submissions and approvals measure up against your deadlines.

How do I integrate Pacific Timesheet with Quickbooks using the IIF interface?

This article reviews how import timesheet data into Quickbooks using Intuit's IIF file format.

Pacific Time - Tutorial

This article reviews how to use the Pacific Time app for individual time, expense, leave scheduling, leave requests and more.

Pacific Crew - Tutorial

This article provides an in-depth tutorial on how to use the Pacific Crew app for crew time, expense, asset and log tracking. It also has links to video help tutorials.

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