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Tech Note: Showing the approver's name in a report

Posted by Pacific Timesheet Support on Apr 21, 2011 7:04:00 PM

The reporting engine in Pacific Timesheet allows you to choose from a large number of data fields when reporting on employee time sheets. However, the employee's approver is not available from the pull down list of column fields. What to do? A SQL expression can help you - the following SQL will show the full name of the level 1 approver for an employee:

select uu.fullname from t_user as uu where uu.id=t_user.apprv1id

The select statement is pulling the full name from the t_user table for the t_user column apprv1id. If you want to show the level 2 approver (for organizations that are using multiple approval levels) you would simply change apprv1id to apprv2id.

Custom report columns and SQL expressions are advanced topics, and your Pacific Timesheet application specialist can help answer your specific questions.

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