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Keeping Your Timesheet Up to Date

Posted by Pacific Timesheet Support on Oct 12, 2009 8:01:00 PM

Ways to motivate employees to keep better track of their time

We recognizant at Pacific Timesheet that it can be difficult for employees to always keep their timesheets up-to-date. We recommend daily time entry, especially if you are in a DCAA environment that requires strong auditing. While we design Pacific Timesheet software to make it as quick and painless as possible to enter time (timers, timesheet memory, memorized projects and tasks, mobile, web and telephone interfaces, etc.), it sometimes helps to add a little extra motivation to improve your employee's time tracking compliance. Here are some positive and negative approaches you can consider that have proven effective for some organizations:


- Make sure 'Timesheet Due' notices are turned on so employees are reminded they need to enter their time.

- Make sure that employees understand how critical accurate time tracking is to the organization, and that it will help keep an accurate record of their contributions.

- Implement a 'rewards' program in which employees with timely and accurate timesheets are entered in a drawing for coupons, prizes or other benefits.


- Make sure 'Timesheet Late' notices are turned on so that employees are reminded that their timesheet is late.

- Have managers make a list of employees with late timesheets each period, and post this list where employees will see it.

- Make it clear to employees that accurate time tracking will help determine their contribution to the organization at review time.

- This is when all else fails - withhold the employee's pay check if their timesheet is late too many times

There are many more possibilities, and we are always striving to make time entry as easy as possible.

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