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Pacific Timesheet Advanced Department Timesheets Simplify Review & Corrections

Posted by Corporate Communications on Apr 15, 2020 12:52:00 PM


LAS VEGAS – March 15, 2020 -- Pacific Timesheet, the enterprise time, expense, asset and log management tool used by leading companies worldwide, announced today a new enhancement to its time tracking capabilities: Department Timesheets. Pacific Timesheet customers will now be able to have department managers review and approve their department’s project hours data in consolidated department timesheets. The tool will allow managers to review and correct entries for a variety of periods.
"Department Timesheets is an exciting development for Pacific Timesheet customers. It's a boon to any research and development organizations that need more advanced approval and correction workflows. For existing customers, the Department Timesheet is a simple module that is easy to enable. For new customers, Department Timesheets are a bullet-proof turn-key solution for department managers to easily review and approve project progress," said Ronald Kfoury, President and CEO of Pacific Timesheet. "Pacific Timesheet, a long-time leader in the project time tracking software for research and development organizations, is pleased to add Department Timesheets to our stable of project management tracking tools."

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