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Posted by Pacific Timesheet on May 9, 2011 9:03:00 AM

Six Principles of Customer-Centric SaaS Time and Work Tracking

You've spent decades building your company name. Why does your time tracking system promote someone else's?

Pacific Timesheet promotes the most important company in your universe -- YOURS!

Unlike most others, Pacific Timesheet's SaaS Timesheet systems are branded with YOUR company logo, and all of our web pages bear YOUR company's name, not ours. As the technology leader in SaaS time and work tracking we don't need to promote our name, we'd rather promote your company's.

But there's more to this than meets the user's eye.

Six Principles of Customer-Centric SaaS time and work tracking:

What does customer-centric mean?  It means your SaaS timesheet system is centered around your company, not ours. It means that the system is clearly marked as your company's system. There's also no confusion about who owns the system, the data or that the data will only be used by your company.

1. Trust: What's this website? What's this URL? Your SaaS system URL should always contain your company name. Users will trust a website url with your company's name. This tells employees and clients that this is the official time and work tracking system of your company.

2. Clarity: the login page should be clearly marked with your company logo, any custom announcements for employees should be clearly visible, and all pages of the site should bear your company's name. For a client-facing business (like staffing or consulting) where their might be client approvals (like construction or field services), or for a business where users or approvers might come and go, you want no confusion about who's time tracking system it is. It's yours!

3. Compliance: when employees see that a SaaS time and work system is clearly marked as their company's they understand this is a critical company system to be taken seriously, a system with which they must comply as part of their job.

4. Security: when clearly marked as your system, and all communications are secure (SSL) all employee, time and work data is understood to be securely managed -- that employees' entered data will only be used by your company -- that their employee master data will never be used outside their company, sold to third parties or compromised in any way.

5. Clearly-marked reminder and notification emails: are they spam?  No they are important messages from my company reminding me to submit my timesheet or to approve timesheets or a leave request, or telling me that I am late in doing so.

6. Authentic Ownership: More than a brand or web page name, a SaaS timesheet system should feel like a custom fit, not like it's off the rack. The layout of timesheets, policies, notices, workflows and security permissions should be your company's. Then employees and other stakeholders in the system feel like they own it -- that it is an authentic system for the company.

Only time tracking systems that create trust, have clearly marked interfaces and email communications, robust security, and are custom fit to your business promote employee compliance and achieve the highest levels of performance.

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