Pacific Timesheet Release Time Off Enhancements

Posted by Pacific Timesheet on Jan 27, 2010 1:33:00 AM

Flexible Holidays and More Customized Time Off Rules

A time off and absence management system need the hours granted to an employee for time off to vary by country, employee type or some other variable. A best practice is to grant time off for holidays and other paid leave as a percentage of a full-time employee's hours per day worked. Therefore, a time off system needs to be able to support a "full-day" holiday, e.g. 8 hours off for Christmas Day, or a "half-day" holiday, e.g. 4 hours off for New Year's Eve. For scheduled vacation or non-holiday time such as personal days, there also needs to be ability to schedule time for half or even quarter days. In other cases, this might need to be scheduled in hours with minimum rules supported. Pacific Timesheet's lastest release now allows customers to configure these and other settings using the system administrator user interface:

  • Partial Day Holiday Support- Create half-day and other partial day holidays using any percent from 1 - 100.
  • Scheduled Hours Per Day- We have streamlined varying time off hours granted to employees through a simple method. When you set the employee scheduled hours property and turn on schedule rules for holidays and other scheduled time off, the correct time off hours are calculated for the time off request, and where appropriate, the calculated hours are automatically pushed onto timesheets.
  • Request Conflict Warning- Administrators can now manage an additional time off request validation settings themselves. Enable the conflict warning setting and employees will be blocked from submitting leave requests on top of previously approved leave. In other words, employees will be prohibited from submitting vacation on top of already scheduled vacation or personal days.
  • Minimum Balance Warning- Administrators can enable a minimum balance warning setting so employees will be blocked from submitting leave requests that would violate their balance minimum. Balance minimums can be set to zero, -40 or any other value.
  • Pay Code Colors- When glancing at their calendar, employees have wanted to quickly see their scheduled time off and have a quick way to recognize the type of time off that is scheduled. Through the system administrator user interface you can configure a color for each pay code.
  • Additional Time Off Request Restriction Settings- A system adminstrator can now set restrictions to disallow employees from submitting anything but a full-day leave request.

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