Cloud-based Timesheet Management

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cloud-based timesheet managementCloud-based timesheet management systems offer an end-to-end cloud-based solution for capturing, approving, processing, reporting and auditing employee or contractor time and work.

  • Secure Universal Access. Cloud-based means the solution is 100% web-based and can be accessed securely anytime from anywhere by internal employees such as approvers and external users such as contractors or staffers.
  • No Software Required. No special end-user software needs to be installed or updated. The system is 100% secure with built-in authentication tools and encryption of all data sent or received.
  • Fastest Deployment. As a cloud system, it can be deployed in minutes and can be easily scaled up and down from 100 to many thousands of users.
  • Different Service Plans. The cost of the system can be billed on a month-to-month basis if system user counts vary significantly, saving the customer significant dollars over carrying the cost of perpetual software licenses. The system can also be contracted using an annual service agreement for additional discounts.
  • Data Integration. The system can automatically integrate employee or contractor profiles, approval setup data, or project and task data from third party systems such as payroll, accounting or ERP systems. When ready, the system can electronically upload employee or contractor time and work data to third party systems for payroll, accounting job costing, or billing purposes.

Key Features

Rapid Scalability and Support
Cloud Time and Work Tracking delivers the highest system performance in several ways:

  • Superior cloud computing platforms
  • Systems that scale from 10 to 5,000 employees in minutes
  • Industry-leading service level commitments
  • 99.9% system availability
  • The most rapid support available

Fastest Deployment Time
Cloud Timesheet Systems are the fastest systems to build and rollout:

  • Provide trial systems on demand
  • On-demand test, staging and production systems
  • System templates for testing and base systems
  • Configuration tools allow setup of thousands of employees and jobs in minutes

Rapid Implementation Services
Cloud-based systems can offer more rapid implementation services with real-time access to the cloud system being setup. Using state of the art web-based tools these services can deliver:

  • Full business requirements analysis and consulting services
  • Standard and custom training and e-learning tools available
  • Online knowledgebase with most updated solutions
  • Learning center blog and blog subscriptions

No Software Required
As a non-capital expense, Cloud Timesheet and Work Tracking solutions offer:

  • Cloud trials are absolutely free
  • No expensive servers, operating system, database or web server licenses required
  • Free standard admin training
  • New quick-start programs with waived implementation fees
  • Custom training for web-based systems can be remote, more easily scheduled and less costly

Can Handle Complexity
Cloud timesheet and work tracking systems can handle any complex requirements of traditional software:

  • Any timesheet and entry templates
  • Any policies and rules
  • Any workflow
  • Any notifications and reminders
  • Any security settings

Staying Up To Date
Everything is updating and changing quickly. With Cloud timesheet and work tracking systems you keep up automatically:

  • Your company will always have the newest features
  • Always optimized for latest Windows, smartphone and browser updates.
  • Always have the highest levels of security.

Superior Training and Usability

User acceptance and application adoption is fast and easy with cloud timesheet and work tracking systems:

  • Intuitive user interface minimizes training requirements
  • Solutions provided with training and e-learning resources
  • System admin training, end user and supervisor training
  • Train-the-trainer options
  • Extensive e-learning video tools can scale your training from 1 to 5,000

Integration Services
Cloud systems provide the most advanced and secure integration methods available today:

  • Secure web services using REST and SOAP
  • Batch synchronization methods using SFTP
  • Automated export scheduling
  • Auto-import utilities that scale to hundreds of thousands of transactions and records

Data Collection Integration
Cloud systems should allow for real time data collection from any device:

  • Desktop and laptop computers using IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome
  • Web-based and wireless time clocks located anywhere
  • IVR phone call centers
  • Smartphones

Cloud systems lead the industry in application security models, account security services and SAS 70 compliant systems and networks:

  • Robust application security permissions allow you to control access to data and features in any way
  • LDAP/Active Directory single-sign-on web services integration
    https (SSL encryption)
  • All integration services have highest security(secure REST web services, FTPS and more.

Deploying Cloud Timesheet Service

Cloud timesheet and work tracking services allow you all the features of enterprise on-premise applications. No capital purchases, and no network or server administration headaches. Launch your system on demand as a service. Over time, expand and scale the system with an email or phone call.

Pacific Timesheet is a leading provider of cloud timesheet and work tracking systems. To learn more about our clouds services and solutions start a free trial now.


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