Construction Site Staffing: Handling Absences and Same-Day Hires

Posted by Barbara B. on Jun 7, 2014 10:40:35 AM

work-101556_640As a construction site manager or crew leader, you have multiple jobs to perform. You have to ensure that the project is done correctly, on budget and on time. Weather delays are not in your control. However, construction employee absences are costly when it comes to getting the job done and this is in your control.

How to control absences

The only true way to control absences is to track them properly. You need to have the ability to correctly record every employee's arrival time and any days they are absent. If you are in the position of a general manager, delegate some of this responsibility to individual crew leaders.

You should have a system that allows you to stay on top of your construction employee absences efficiently. When you track this data with a laptop, tablet or Smartphone, you have a system that you can refer to easily. Scrolling through pages of hand written notes is a waste of your time. Without the right documentation, you cannot really enforce any attendance policies. Stored data will also alert you to any time off requests you approved in advance.

In order to have full control of your crews’ attendance, all workers must be aware of the absentee policy you have in place. This applies to current employees and new hires. When you make use of the available software, you also gain by having records of any warnings issued. If you must suspend or terminate a crew member, you want to have the data to back up the actions you are taking.

Skilled and unskilled replacements

When you need construction crew staffing, you may want to consider using an employment agency that offers skilled and unskilled labor. If you choose this type of service, you must ensure that all workers have the appropriate safety training and documentation before they show up on site. You will need to arrange time keeping records and payroll with the agency. Using the right software allows you to send your data to the agency seamlessly.

Streamlining replacement hires

When it comes to construction crew new hires, you can make use of multiple software options to streamline the process. Having access to online training forms and required personnel documentation will save you time and eliminate unnecessary paperwork. Make use of the technology available to get new hires to work as quickly as possible. Your replacement hires can also start the right way by knowing that you keep accurate attendance records.

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