How Workers Really Feel About Timesheets

Posted by Marisa Jue on Mar 22, 2016 7:00:00 AM


At Pacific Timesheet, it's true that we like timesheets a lot because, well, that's what we do. But we also know that there are a lot of employees out there who hate timesheets. I mean, really really hate them.

When we studied what employees have to say about timesheets in social media, we found some notable harsh truths. Below we've gathered tweets that represent how workers feel about timesheets. Just a warning: some of these are really "mean tweets." 

Timesheet Apathy

There are many employees that just don't care about their timesheets.


Hating Timesheets

Others really hate timesheets and compose little ditties about this.


Timesheet Sleep Deprivation and Anxiety

For some, timesheets are the stuff of nightmares.


For others, they create anxiety .


Annoyed by Overzealous Timesheet Automation

Some employees dislike and resent receiving what they think are too many timesheet reminders…


…while others probably are in need of automated reminders.


Timesheets Colliding with the Truth

Then there are those scenarios where timesheet information diverges from reality. Here a worker is questioning the all-to-common practice of padding timesheets, while throwing her supervisor under the bus.


Most Think We Can Do Better

The recurring theme that we see online is that employees think their timesheets can be improved somehow. That we can all do better.


What They Really Think About Timesheets

In the coming quarters, Pacific Timesheet will continue to track what workers really think about timesheets. Many of these complaints stem from legitimate problems:

  1. Badly designed paper and Excel timesheets.
  2. Poorly-designed electronic timesheet forms
  3. Mis-timed reminders
  4. Disabled notices
  5. Poor approval practices and lack of management support
  6. Requiring workers to submit timesheets in advance
  7. Approvers who don't approve timesheets or leave requests on time.

Pacific Timesheet studies what users like and dislike about timesheets, user interfaces and system features. We use this research to make our timesheet forms easy to use. Over the years, we have learned they should be easy to modify as your business needs change. It's also important that users can use their timesheets anywhere any time: on desktops, laptops, mobile devices and tablets. We are always learning how to make timesheet systems to get things done, not annoy people.

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