Solutions for New Years: Payroll Timesheet Software

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A new year has begun, and it's time to look at some of your business practices. Are you still using paper timesheets? If yes, then you are probably experiencing some of these problems:

Problem #1: Clerical errors

You spend a lot of time correcting errors.

Using paper timesheets means someone has to read everyone's handwriting, and has to enter numbers from a piece of paper to a computer, or hopefully not a paper ledger. Those errors can cost you time and money in reconciling with employees. Those errors can also cause you legal problems. There is a way to take care of all those errors.

Solution: Electronic timesheets

The key is to use a trusted software.

An employee can electronically enter the time worked, and the software can take care of the calculations. The odds of clerical errors are drastically reduced.

Problem #2: Loss in productivity

Using paper timesheets takes time.

It takes an employee time to fill out a piece of paper, check it, and sign it. The employee then hands it to a supervisor who checks it, approves or rejects it. Finally, when it's ready, it gets handed to payroll to enter into the payroll system.

Solution: Automating manual processes

Why not cut out all that middle time and work?

Let reliable software do the checking and entering into the payroll system, and even write the checks or deposit the money into bank accounts. Yes, you still need someone checking the system, but you will save time and money using software instead of paper timesheets.

Problem #3: Paper timesheets get lost

Can you imagine having to prove that you paid an employee the deserved wages two years from now?

If you are using paper timesheets, you have to find those in a file and hope they are still there.

Solution: Searchable timesheet storage

Using software, you can search for them, and you can archive what you need so you have it for several years. Reliable software protects you, just in case.

Thinking that for New Years it's time to use software, or upgrade your software? Thinking you need to know more about payroll timesheet software? Read 

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