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When Timesheet Fraud Loses Wars: How ISIS Really Rolled Over Iraq

Posted by Ron Kfoury Apr 9, 2015 6:02:00 PM on

Maybe you've thought timesheet fraud was a victimless crime. Think again.

For all we spent and committed to the Iraq war -

  • 1.5 million soldiers deployed over eight years
  • Nearly 4,500 dead
  • 32,000 wounded
  • More than 300,000 with post traumatic stress and brain injuries
  • More than 3 Trillion plus dollars on equipment, materials, and
  • An ever-growing price tag in the billions to be spent providing care for soliders' permanent disabilities over the remainder of their lives
- we almost lost the country of Iraq to Islamic militants because of timesheet fraud.  

The stakes were about as high as they get.

The story starts with ISIS (The Islamic State), a terrorist group so heinous that they've been DISAVOWED by Al-Qaeda, the folks who brought us the Twin Towers and Pentagon attacks.

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Management Lessons from Golf’s Ryder Cup: The Future of High-Performance Teams

Posted by Ron Kfoury Oct 9, 2014 11:27:00 AM on

Ryder Cup History

The Ryder Cup has had a bizarre history. Started by Englishman Samuel Ryder in 1927, it was at first a gloried golf exhibition between a team of the best U.S. golfers and a team of English players that competed every two years for custody of a small gold trophy. For the first 50 years, the Americans dominated the contest with a mind-numbing string of U.S. victories (22 of 25 from 1927 to 1983). By 1979, the golf powers-that-be agreed to use golf-legend Jack Nicklaus’s suggestion to expand the down-trodden English team (which by then had marginally expanded to include the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland) to now include all of Europe. “Team Europe” was often depicted by the American press as a rag-tag band of hard-drinking, lower-ranked journeymen golfers, who were impossibly supposed to come together and form a winning team from eight or nine different countries with no common language or culture. It took a few years, but somehow the Europeans started to beat the Americans. Again and again and again.

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What can we learn from the California Tech Sector workforce?

Posted by Ron Kfoury Aug 7, 2013 12:20:00 PM on

describe the image

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Time and Attendance Exceptions: When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

Posted by Ron Kfoury May 1, 2013 11:38:00 AM on

The Story of Kristi Rifkin and T-Mobile

pregnant woman attendance bathroom breaks resized 600

In a recent news story, Kristi Rifkin, a T-Mobile call center employee detailed the trials of being forced to clock out and back in for bathroom breaks during her pregnancy. There was an issue in conflict between the employee (she needed to go to the bathroom more frequently during her pregnancy) and the employer (they wanted to have her clocked out during the time she was not at her desk or, more importantly, not on the phone with customers, the main work of the call center).

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What the Open Web Means To Me

Posted by Ron Kfoury Mar 12, 2010 1:19:00 AM on recently asked this very important question

The idea of open systems and standards is not new but took some time to take hold. An open web of course is an important extension of that idea. For anything that extends the ability of individuals to communicate and work more productively, or stay abreast of what's important to their lives or the lives of their coleagues, family and freinds, is a force for good in this world. The essence of free markets is a free and fair exchange of ideas and information, filtered up and out rather than down and in. What I mean by that is as filters function more to include what's important to us, rather than to exclude what's noise the open web will truly become more of a reality. And in 2010 I think it's finally starting to happen. We see this with the smart search utilities of, social media such as and and others. All of these are the next generation of helping us stay abreast of what's important and think and talk about what's most important now, but what is becoming important to us, maybe even before we quite know it. At my own company, Pacific Timesheet, we work with customers and their employees on tracking time, work and leave to help them understand what is most important and what is becoming important to their company, their work and their jobs. Over time we are seeking appropriate ways to migrate social media technology into our products and services, in effect to generate a cumulative benefit that we should expect from any knowledgebase of how people spend their time. Any ideas on how you would like to see this happen at your workplace or within your company? We are all ears. We hope to get there with your help and the help of our customers and employees.

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